Ardor Bishopfeldt

A charismatic, canny, shrewd, silver-tongued, male bard.


Ardor Bishopfeldt is a male, human bard. He wears studded leather armour dyed red or blue in some places and wrapped in fine cloth, and is crowned with a bard’s hat bearing a cardinal feather wrapped on the side with silk ribbon. He has pale, chalk-coloured, somewhat patchy skin, noble, slim facial features, off-white, slicked-back hair, and hazel eyes. He appears to be in his late twenties.


Ardor Bishopfeldt is a bard that travels the lands to spread his word, his songs, and his stories. He has amassed quite a following in doing this, and has many die-hard fans who’d stop at nothing to protect and serve him.

He is incredibly charismatic, and leaves almost everyone he sees changed inside.

Ardor Bishopfeldt has expressed slight dislike for many of the more scarce races such as minotaurs and gnomes, but he has also shown significant dislike for Tieflings, a surprisingly common race to pick at. He says he believes that they are “unworthy of normal status in society due to both their manipulative and conniving nature and their devilish ancestry”.

Ardor Bishopfeldt

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