Joseph Darion

The slow-to-trust owner of the sawmill in Hafenbrück.


Joseph Darion is dead.

Joseph is a human male villager who owns and operates Hafenbrück’s local sawmill. He wears thick, padded gloves and comfortable clothes for milling and splitting wood in. He has lightly tanned skin, brown eyes. and short, brown hair.


Joseph Darion isn’t as close with his brother, Brian Darion, as Brian is with him. Joseph inherited the sawmill after his father, its original owner, passed away from old age several years prior. Joseph has a tendency to try and keep everyone safe, regardless of who they are, and feels bonded to Hafenbrück and its people partly for this reason. Joseph is almost always found chewing and spitting pipeweed as if it were its intended purpose (pipeweed is meant to be smoked through a pipe, hence its name).

Joseph Darion

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