Lord Yennan Quintus Hellfire

A tiefling rogue with a passion for assassin... -ation.


Lord Yennan Quintus Hellfire is a male tiefling rogue. He wears tight, leather padding obscured by dark robes, and wields a dagger, shortsword, and shortbow. His hair is black and short, his horns are stout and curved, his skin is red, and his eyes are a flaming crimson.


Yennan tends to blow up at the slightest insult, and is incredibly slow to trust.

He believes that anything that limits his personal freedom is a bad thing.

He is strongly attached to a wounded wolf that got away from him in a bog not long ago. He would greatly enjoy killing it.

An innocent person is in prison because of him. He is okay with this.

Lord Yennan Quintus Hellfire

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