The Turmoil of a Demagogue

The Turmoil of a Demagogue

Our campaign, only just starting

The Turmoil of a Demagogue is a 5th-edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in a cold, medieval, low-fantasy world riddled with disease, cults, saints, and beasts. Physically, the world resembles Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Finland, but TToaD’s culture is more influenced by medieval Germany.

TToaD’s lore is also influenced by games including (but not limited to:
- Darkest Dungeon
- Exanima (and Sui Generis)
- TES V: Skyrim
- Bloodborne

Civilization in this world is a small light in a vast sea of darkness. PCs will have to bundle up, equip their weapons, put some trail mix in a ziplock bag, and grab their tinderboxes if they wish to survive.

All this and many more fun features, most of which even now yet to be discovered by the PCs.



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