Vicros, the Berserker

A tall, strong, fast Goliath berserker with one hell of a swing.


Vicros, the Berserker is a male Goliath berserker. He wears slim animal hides held together by leather straps, and wields a large greataxe. He is bald, and his skin is greyish-blue with many dark-blue tattoo-like symbols covering his body. His eyes are pure white.


Vicros’ colony leader in the mountains had something wise to say about every topic, and he is eager to share that knowledge. Crossing him will make him think differently of you in a heartbeat.

Logic is his ideal. Emotions seem to clog the way to clear thinking in his eyes.

He looks for enlightenment every day, and it constantly eludes him.

Despite his clear state of mind, he can sometimes allow his need to win arguments overshadow friendships and harmony.

Vicros, the Berserker

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